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It’s been an incredibly humbling year. Thanks to those who have encouraged me from the very start (Adele). Thanks to Hubs who understands that every now and then I get caught up staring at my computer screen for hours and getting excited over cover art and books. Thanks to my Twitter contacts that quickly turned … Continue reading »

As I always say…better late (like, almost 5 months late) than never! Here’s a brief little re-cap of my trip to Houston earlier this year, where I hopped on a plane and finally got to meet Ginger, Lindsi, and Tara for the first time, ever.


Woot! Time to introduce you to my next two victims friends! If you missed meeting Ruth & Chanté, be sure to give their mini-interviews a look-see. Every time you see Hannah, you can’t help but light up into a smile. She’s just one of those kinds of people, you know? After catching The Hunger Games fever … Continue reading »


You people are making this way too easy. When this cover art first popped up in my inbox, my initial reaction was (verbatim): “What. WHAT IS HAPPENING.” This was aside from laughing, of course. I don’t know about you, but when I think about relaxing in a tree (or falling asleep romantically in my boyfriend’s … Continue reading »


I wasn’t quite sure whether I wanted to have this particular cover featured under What Were YA Thinkin? or Cell Coverage. Because I certainly had one of those moments when I saw this cover out in the wild — you know, one of those OMG AM I GOING BLIND moments: I kid you not. I … Continue reading »


I’m really not quite sure what on earth possessed me to call this feature “Artist Abbreviated.” Judging by my past interviews, I don’t know what it means to abbreviate things. Whether you want to chalk it up to my early journalism days or my never-ending interest in my creative community, I feel like I never seem to … Continue reading »


I absolutely love my blogosphere buddies. Over the past year, I’ve met some of the sweetest, hilarious, creative, and talented individuals that I never would have dreamed of meeting outside the realm of blogging and Twitter.  But there’s definitely something to be said for the folks that I see on a daily, weekly, and monthly … Continue reading »


Let me be the first to admit that I actually despise running for exercise or recreation. For those of you who are avid runners, major kudos to you, because I feel like every time a pair of running shoes and I hit the pavement or treadmill, it’s like my legs are screaming, “Why, why are … Continue reading »


It’s about that time again, boys and girls. Another Mead novel, another email from my lovely friend Shanna with this as her subject line: Which basically translates to me demanding asking her to guest post again. Mark my words, one of these days I will read the Vampire Academy series, because I know she loves … Continue reading »