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These covers, y’all. If there’s such a thing as a swoon streak, I’m on it. And dibs on that ridiculous term if it hasn’t been coined already. If the cover art for Naomi Shihab Nye’s There Is No Long Distance Now was a type of dessert, I’d liken it to a traditional black and white … Continue reading »


So I have this little list in my Gmail account that has a variety of links. This list includes blogs to check out, book covers to love (or loathe), illustrators, designers, photographers, you name it. And illustrator Chris Silas Neal has been sitting on this little list for quite some time. I think it’s high time … Continue reading »


Happy new year, everyone! Y’know, a week later. Man, it’s a good thing I didn’t put “Be timely about things/Get my act together” as a bullet point on my 2012 resolutions list, because a) that sounds incredibly boring and b) my real resolutions of “learning a new language” and “sending more letters and postcards” took … Continue reading »


It was only two weeks ago that I posted a fangirly glowing review of August’s cover art, chock-full of nothing but sparkly adjectives positive things to say about that intriguing upside-down cover. So you can only imagine my surprise when I woke up to a comment on that very post from the illustrator himself, Guy … Continue reading »


WARNING: The following interview is intended only for an audience who: Has an appreciation for art Has a sense of curiosity Has a sense of humor Most importantly has 15 minutes of interrupted time (trust me, you want to read this entire interview) Please give a warm welcome to the brilliantly talented designer, Christian Fuenfhausen. Without … Continue reading »


I’m really not quite sure what on earth possessed me to call this feature “Artist Abbreviated.” Judging by my past interviews, I don’t know what it means to abbreviate things. Whether you want to chalk it up to my early journalism days or my never-ending interest in my creative community, I feel like I never seem to … Continue reading »


Apologies for the prolonged absence. Life happens sometimes. As someone who has to browse through hundreds of stock photos every year for her job, I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to come across a photo that doesn’t scream “Stick me in a human resources training video!” The difference between looking for a stock … Continue reading »


I really could spend all the live-long day on the internet looking at artwork. And not just cover art. I could gaze at comics, sketches, illustrations, color palettes, furniture, paintings, video game concept art, photography, the list goes on and on until the end of the internet (which luckily I haven’t reached yet). There’s no … Continue reading »


Warning: the content you are about to read may reveal just how fangirly I am when it comes to interviewing designers and illustrators. I know this particular feature is called Artist Abbreviated, but in NO WAY will this interview be abbreviated. Abbreviating the awesome Colleen AF Venable would be doing you a disservice, trust me. … Continue reading »


Here’s a recipe for a very interesting interview: Ingredients: Freakishly Talented Illustrator (Fernando Juárez) Freakish Talent Spanish, the language Freakishly Talented Illustrator speaks fluently and you do not (even though you minored in it) Directions: Pore over all of Freakishly Talented Illustrator’s work and post a gushy comment on his blog begging asking him if … Continue reading »

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