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I have to admit that one of my favorite things about posting on this blog is the amount of research involved. I could honestly spend hours upon hours looking at covers, researching authors, and digging up information on designers, illustrators and artists all the livelong day. My brain and eyeballs would never get tired, but unfortunately I have other things to do, like try to help pay my mortgage and whatnot.

Just the other day, I came across a simple, eye-catching cover for James Klise’s Love Drugged by way of Abby the Librarian.


After reading the premise of the story and staring at the cover (for probably an uncomfortably long time), I was excited to see that Abby had linked Love Drugged’s cover artist, Lisa Novak. Then I discovered Lisa had created some other covers I had seen around the YA blogosphere (all from Flux), providing source files and alternate cover designs to boot. It’s very cool to see the breakdown of what Lisa layered into her final designs, and it’s nice to see the other ideas and concepts that she had invested in.


But it’s definitely Love Drugged and Anne Spollen’s The Shape of Water that are my absolute favorites.


I know I’m a big supporter of caps when used to its advantage, but the lowercase type on this cover takes the cake. The watercolor art is borderline mesmerizing and oh my gosh, her hair. Captivating work, Lisa.

Edit: A commenter below (thanks Annie!) has linked the illustrator of The Shape of Water’s artwork, Ken Wong. Please check out his work — it’s beautiful and haunting.

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