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Earlier this month I was browsing one of my new favorite cover art blogs, Caustic Cover Critic, and discovered the gorgeous cover art to David Ward’s Between Two Ends (out next week). You guys. You guys. I promise you from the very bottom of my heart that Amulet Books is not paying me to pimp their cover art. Two covers in … Continue reading »


I wonder about a variety of issues when it comes to marketing in the publishing industry. As someone who often works alongside ad agencies, I’d like to think that I can empathize with some of their woes — the red tape, the endless amount of revisions, the neutering of the artistic soul, properly defining an … Continue reading »


Don’t you just love it when someone comes up with such a really corny wickedly clever title for their post? Not to toot my own horn but I have to admit I spent a whole 5 minutes 30 seconds coming up with that delightful title! I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of … Continue reading »


Please disregard the monstrous eyesore in the upper right hand corner of my latest cell phone find. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t my find (it was my friend Ginger’s!), but I was still impressed by it, nonetheless. Not because it looks completely three-dimensional, like you could run your hand across the cover and actually expect … Continue reading »


I really could spend all the live-long day on the internet looking at artwork. And not just cover art. I could gaze at comics, sketches, illustrations, color palettes, furniture, paintings, video game concept art, photography, the list goes on and on until the end of the internet (which luckily I haven’t reached yet). There’s no … Continue reading »


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created over at The Broke and the Bookish. You know today’s TTT was totally up my alley. I was so glad Jamie asked me to play along. Dearest Darling Works of Cover Art, I have some heartbreaking news. Yes, for all ten of you, I’m afraid. Ever heard … Continue reading »


Alert, alert! Today’s giant cover love hug is not actually being given to a novel by the name of Jack Samsonite. The title’s a bit longer that. Actually, a lot longer than that. You can see my logic in shortening the title in this post’s title, yes? When it comes to browsing cover art in … Continue reading »