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First and foremost, I love to read YA literature.

I also like looking at pretty pictures, including but not limited to YA cover art. And I can be pretentious and judgmental when it comes to looking at covers. This little space on the web was just a natural fit. I’m not a designer or a photographer. (I’m actually a producer/editor.)

Because I’m terrible at talking about myself on my own blog, here are a few links to a few interviews I’ve done for a few good friends:

Persnickety Snark

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There are some covers that catch your eye simply because they’re just drop-dead gorgeous. They draw you in because they’re thought-provoking, magical, or just different. This blog is dedicated to the designers, art directors, illustrators, and photographers who put their blood, sweat and tears into creating the face of a cover you want to stare at for hours.

Got a question, comment, or suggestion? Feel free to shoot me an email. I promise I don’t bite. You can also find me on Twitter.

Last but not least — my name’s Capillya. Nice to meet you, and I hope you stay awhile.

Bryan Williams