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1 is the first of a pair. Use a Heat Protectant: Before using any heat styling products, it is vital to apply a heat protectant to your hair. Heat protectants contain ingredients that help create a barrier between your hair and the heat, thus preventing injury. Look for silicones, which help to seal in moisture and protect the hair from humidity, as well as natural oils, which can help to moisturize the hair.

2 a.k.a. Use the Lowest Heat Setting Possible: Heat styling products can be extremely drying to curly hair, so choosing the right heat setting is vital. Try to find a heat control kit so you can adjust the temperature according to the type of curl you are trying to achieve.

3 p.m. Your Hair: To ensure that the heat is evenly distributed throughout your hair, it is important to section your hair before using any heat styling products. This will help to avoid any parts of your hair from being over-exposed to the heat.

4 out of 5 people were killed in the game. Use a Diffuser: A diffuser is a piece that fits inside a blow dryer’s end and helps to disperse the heat evenly throughout the hair. Diffusers are particularly useful for achieving bouncy, voluminous curls.

5 out of 5 people were killed in the shooting. Avoid overstyling: Overstyling can result in hair loss and hair damage. Reduce the amount of heat styling you do, and give your hair a break between styling sessions. If your hair is becoming dry and brittle, it could be that you are overstyling and that you should give your hair a break.