happy book birthday, eleanor & park!

Oh wow. It’s been a minute, hasn’t it?

I’m back, at least for this week, and I just wanted to spread some more Eleanor & Park love. As if I didn’t spread enough of it back in August of last year, right? If you’ve posted about E&P on Twitter and I haven’t gone all YAAAAY in response, then apparently I missed your tweet, because I feel like I’m harassing each person every time I see those two characters’ names pop up in my feed.


In celebration of Eleanor & Park’s publication, I’d like to spread a little more love. I’m giving away a US copy of E&P, and because I’m too lazy to set up Rafflecopter, you can enter here. You’ll only have until Friday night (3/1/13 11:59CST), though, because I’d really really want you to have this book in your hands ASAP.

I probably should’ve started this giveaway thing weeks ago, eh?

Anyhoo, a winner will be drawn by a random number chosen by my husband, who is my real-life, older, non-half-Asian but sweet-just-the-same Park.

Best of luck!

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8 thoughts on “happy book birthday, eleanor & park!

  1. Oh Cap! I owe many thanks to you for bringing E & P into my life.. which then resulted in my total fangirl love for Rainbow Rowell. I’m not entering the contest, but just wanted to leave a happy happy comment! :)

  2. Still ADORE this cover. Wins the “less is more” award every time.

    Plus, Rainbow Rowell is the coolest author name ever. Is it bad that I want to steal both her book AND her name?

  3. you are the ultimate and definitely the reason I know Rainbow Rowell! I love seeing her all over the blogosphere lately and can’t wait for more Rainbow.

    • Isn’t it great? I’m glad I could spread the love! Can’t wait for Fangirl, and I’ve got my fingers (and toes) crossed for a continuation of E&P’s story.

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