from photo…to photomanip…to YA cover

I started to write my thoughts about the following sequence of images…but figured I’d just let the images tell the story.

© Rebecca Röske

© Nathalia Suellen / LadySymphonia @ Deviantart

And voila:

© Random House Children's Books

18 thoughts on “from photo…to photomanip…to YA cover

  1. Considering how small she was to begin with… WTF? Reminds me of the corset project my roommate and I did. Waits aren’t that small. Especially with Elizabethan corsets!

  2. Wow, so not only did her waist get sucked away, but so did the part in her hair. It’s gone! That poor model – she must think she’s practically bald when she looks at all her photo manips.

    I must get me some long wind blown hair. I’ve been missing out all my life.

    • I chopped my hair off over the summer, and I must say I miss it during these colder months where I would normally wear it like a scarf. But that whole wind-blown hair thing? Totally overrated. I mean, unless you enjoy getting slapped around in the face with it.

    • Thanks, Antony. If anyone wants to hire me for consultation, I’m your girl! Just don’t look at my résumé!

  3. Hahaha, she did get slimmed down quite a bit! But still, great look at the book cover design process. Awesome research! You must put a lot into emailing people to get the cover’s back story – thanks, Capillya!

    • Thanks, Linds. And if by emailing people you mean Googling for 30 minutes = YEAH I totally did my research. ;)

  4. Well this explains why I always thought the model’s face looked odd. Way too much photoshop.

  5. I like the manip, but that’s because I like the gloves and the gothic accents and the long hair. The cover–her face is so weird!!!

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