america and the movie tie-in monstrosity.

Oh, publishers. Oh, film industry. You and your incessant need to market the mess out of something I love, leaving me filled with dread that this film will inevitably be merchandised into an oblivion. I leave the country for 10 measly days, road trip a couple more and this is what I come back to?

Now, you may be thinking, What’s the big deal? At least there isn’t a sad girl in a pretty dress or a constipated/emo face on the cover! Au contraire. I’M NOT DONE.

I expect this kind of stuff from, y’know, Transformers or something. Not that I’m knocking Transformers (I LOVE YOU, OPTIMUS). Because Transformers and the cover for this movie companion certainly have one important thing in common — they all look like robots. The longer I stare at Gale, Katniss & Peeta as a group, the more I think, Oh my gosh they all look EXACTLY the same. Droids, I tell you.

And you know my stance about people in general on covers. That’s not exactly news. What’s a bit frustrating is that movie tie-in books are rarely appealing. I much prefer the original covers, save for the Mockingjay artwork. The film as a whole has already rebranded itself with the mockingjay-on-fire pin and its stony-staring cyborgs.

Okay, maybe I lied a little. There are some movie tie-in books that just knock it out of the park:

The paperback movie tie-in pays homage to its original and striking hardcover artwork, no? So it can be done. I just have no idea whose crazypants idea it was to make THG’s tie-in look like…that.

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17 Responses to america and the movie tie-in monstrosity.

  1. Kelly @ STACKEDK says:

    Step away from the Photoshop.

    Man, they do look like robots, and I still stand by my word that Jennifer Lawrence looks way too old, and she photographs old too.

  2. tinamats says:

    Hm. The eyes on the Hunger Games movie tie-in cover feel like they’re following you everywhere you go. Creepy.

  3. Aldrin says:

    Gray318 is just infallible.

  4. Jen D. says:

    I hate movie tie-in covers with a passion. That HG cover is ridiculous.

  5. Ronni says:

    I don’t mind the flaming Mockingjay pin. But the others? UGH. DNW.

  6. galleysmith says:

    I almost wept when I saw these. WEPT! Then I thought to myself HOT.TRANNY.MESS.

    There is no question this movie will be merchandised into oblivion (I tweeted about the nail polish, which I admit is kind of cool). I’m sure that there will action figures and all sorts of stuff. But alas, I found the bot-like imagery (it was my first thought on that too!) on the second cover heinous and I don’t feel compelled to purchase any of the tie-ins. I’m sticking to the purist original artwork, thankyouverymuch.

    • capillya says:

      I’m sticking to the originals, too.

      But. Hold the phone…nail polish? YAY. I’m such a hypocrite, I know. ;)

  7. Aaron White (@ChiefAaron) says:

    Not since The Lord of the Rings have I hoped (and literally prayed) that a movie franchise would not completely dishonor the amazingness of the novels they were based on. I am preparing to walk out of The Hunger Games and puke on the sidewalk, but hoping for the best.

    • capillya says:

      I hope with expectations like “OMG I’m so gonna puke” that the film hopefully, y’know, knocks it out of the park.

  8. Sarah says:

    Whoa. You’re so right. When I stare at that cover for too long it’s like robots are coming to get me.

  9. Em (Love YA Lit) says:

    I like the Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close movie tie-in cover (much better than the movie poster, though it’s the same image of the boy). I actually saw the book at the store the other day and snapped a picture for you but then neglected to send it – I also neglected to notice that it was a movie tie-in cover in the first place AND didn’t know they were making a movie. I’m curious how Thomas Horn will do as Oskar – his first film performance – just looked him up – he won Teen Jeopardy? Smartypants.

    • capillya says:

      Look at you, thinking of my cover snobbery when out and about at the store!. Thanks, Em! I have to admit, I *still* haven’t read the book. I need to remedy this. Yesterday. Or at least before I see the film. ;)

      Winning Teen Jeopardy? Say no more! I’m sold!

  10. Aaron Vincent says:

    I like it when the movie tie-in covers doesn’t show faces of the hollywood actors that are going to portray the roles.

    Exhibit A | Exhibit B

  11. Greenbeanteenqueen says:

    Yeah, I’m not a fan of the tie-in covers, especially when they just slap the movie poster on the cover. I know why they do it-it helps promote the fact that “hey, guess what? it was a book first!” but it’s still annoying. I also really don’t know why there’s a Hunger Games illustrated companion book. Everything must be marketed to death these days!!

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