because i get excited about paperback releases, too.

You may have noticed a little love lately in the YA blogosphere surrounding the upcoming release of Antony John’s Five Flavors of Dumb to paperback next Thursday. Well, I’m happy to join in that chorus of singing Dumb’s praises, too.

Back when I was still in my very early stages of blogging, Dumb was the very first cover to take part in a three-part series of Cover Love, Authorthoughts, and Behind the Design. So me and Dumb? We go way back and have a special handshake and fist bump and all that jazz. And can I get a little amen to the fact its paperback release doesn’t entail a dumbing down or completely awful 180 of its original cover? (save for HELLO SCHNEIDER FAMILY BOOK AWARD and a tagline on the front).

But I digress. I’m here to pimp a fantastic contest, if you haven’t heard me raving like a lunatic on Twitter about it yet. Antony’s signing bookplates for those of you who preorder Dumb, and all you need to do is let him know that you preordered it (full details here). You’re automatically entered to win an ARC of his upcoming novel Thou Shalt Not Road Trip. And while your chances are higher to win one of those three ARCs, there’s also a chance to win a mega prize pack of these novels:

I spy a few awesome covers, too. ;)

He calls it “mega.” I call it OMG SIGNED BOOK BY PATRICK NESS WHAT.

People, Dumb is a fantastic novel. I haven’t posted any reviews of books here (although I’ve toyed with the idea), but Dumb has more than just a pretty face. It’s a transformative story about a girl who struggles with family, identity, and also happens to be deaf. Piper is an everyman, as well as all of the wonderfully developed characters in this novel. It’s one of my top ten YA favorites.

Here are just a few of my favorite bloggers who happen to hold the same opinion and are way more articulate than I am: 

  • Tina from One More Page
  • Erin from Forever Young Adult
  • Kelly from Stacked

What’re you waiting for? Get thee to entering the contest! And I hope you enjoy Dumb as much as I did!

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9 Responses to because i get excited about paperback releases, too.

  1. Tina says:

    I read about this in his blog! Those prizes are awesome. I still haven’t seen a hardcover copy of DUMB here, and I think Book Depository has the paperback around less than $7. And it’s so. tempting. :s

  2. Katie says:

    That does it. Time to go buy this book. :)

  3. Antony John says:

    As always, you’re the best, Capillya. Thanks for giving DUMB a shout!

  4. Abby says:

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 this book!!!! :D

  5. linda says:

    Yay, I really liked this book! Love the diversity of the cast and the complex family relationships. :)

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