what were YA thinkin? — girl meets boy

You people are making this way too easy.

When this cover art first popped up in my inbox, my initial reaction was (verbatim): “What. WHAT IS HAPPENING.” This was aside from laughing, of course.

I don’t know about you, but when I think about relaxing in a tree (or falling asleep romantically in my boyfriend’s arms in a tree, for that matter), images like this one do not come to mind.

I also had many other reactions:

  1. That looks incredibly awkward.
  2. When she wakes up (if she doesn’t fall to her death), she’s going to have the world’s biggest mother of a backache.
  3. Can you imagine directing that photo? “Do you feel uncomfortable yet? I need you to feel more uncomfortable. If you’re not uncomfortable then the picture isn’t going to turn out right.”
  4. This cover feels like something Zooey Deschanel would have created à la one of her quirky characters à la one of her quirky movies.

Chronicle Books, you win The Most Awkward Cover Art award, hands down, no competition. And what’s more, you also win The Book I Most Want to Read in January 2012 award because this is what your innards are about:

GIRL MEETS BOY, a collection of “he said/she said” short stories examines the power of perception, enlisting writing duos to tell the same story from two gender opposite points of view.  Differences are clear in each controversial tale, but so are similarities, revealing the historic chasm might just be possible to bridge.

This anthology is not for the faint of heart.  Their hands free, each author — most YA stars in their own right — wrote candid, sometimes shocking accounts of love, longing, stereotypes and the hope for clarity common in the young adult realm.  These stories will have teens talking — about the book and about challenges of their own. (from Jill Corcoran Books)

A cover that makes me feel the need to blink several times in disbelief and yet excited to read the book? I feel like that deserves some kind of award, too.

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34 thoughts on “what were YA thinkin? — girl meets boy

  1. HAHAHAHA my initial thought: “Are those pajamas? Those better be pajamas, because girl you are too pretty to go out in public like that. But even if those ARE pajamas, look, may I suggest something with a little more airflow? Trust me, darling. Also, maybe if you dressed better, this boy might take you somewhere better than A TREE.”

    THEN AGAIN, maybe it makes total sense with the book? Confuzzled.

    • “Maybe if you dressed better, this boy might take you somewhere better than A TREE.” Ha! Oh Anna, you make me laugh!

  2. lol. that pose looks really really awkward. i imagine the art director is a hipster. it’s what hipsters typically do, no? hahaha

  3. Hahahaha OMG. I love how he’s got the open mouth snoring thing going on. THAT’S SO SEXY.

  4. I don’t even think that pose is physically possible in a tree. I think they staged it somewhere else (like the world’s most awkward bed of nails) in front of a green screen then super-imposed the tree in.
    Those pants look like they were purchased at the Shop for Emo Age 6 Boys.

  5. I’m with Sommer–I love his big gaping open mouth! I’m just waiting for some tree sap or bird poo or something to fall in there.

  6. OMG, that looks so dangerous and uncomfortable.
    Plus he lies there with his mouth wide open, he looks a bit like a fish outside of the water. ;)

  7. Perhaps he’s got a deviated septum and can’t breathe correctly through his nose? Perhaps this is part of the whole “there’s another side to the story” bit? Could there possibly be another side to this cover art? If so, I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, CHRONICLE.

  8. Hahahahahahahaha. That’s what I thought when I saw this cover and then these comments.
    It’s really a shame because I think there has to be ways of photographing a guy and a girl hanging out in a tree or cuddling or whatever and have it be cute without being SO weird/awkward/bizarre. And wow, THE SNORING. >.

  9. Oh my word, that is SO AWKWARD. Her feet are going to fall asleep so badly she won’t be able to get out of the tree.

    • New working title: Why My Feet Fell Asleep: Because There are Repercussions to Dangling Your Limbs…off of Limbs.

  10. I did that once – totally possible AND comfortable. Ok, so really I just climbed a tree with a dude and we sat as comfortably as possible which did not involve back-arching and I was wearing real pants and it was a lot scarier getting down. (p.s. they have matching shoes)

    • Yes, the matching shoes! Now they just need to go find a store to find a decent pair of pants for her. (PS I hate climbing down from trees)

  11. hahahahahahahahaha!

    love this snarkyness! And I second the real pants comment…seriously? they aren’t even cute leggings.

    and is it just me…or does anyone else want to pull her shirt down?…

    • I want to pull her shirt down, yes, in that mothering EVERYONE IS LOOKING AT YOUR SKIN!!! kind of way.

  12. Ho boy. This cover is so full of WRONG. Seriously, as a middle-aged dude, I’d probably get arrested for reading it in public.

    All the same, I’ll be interested to see which of the stories features that particular scene. It’ll make for enlightening reading, I’m sure.

    • “I’d probably get arrested for reading it in public.” You always bring the funny, Antony!

  13. HA – totally. But the book does sound fascinating. Ima review that isht for sure!

  14. Yes, tthe pants. Before I read your thoughts, the pants KILLED me. For a myriad of reasons that I don’t even need to list, because we are ALL thinking them.

  15. ummm….
    i… i like the cover. in spite of my initial reaction being YOU ARE GOING TO FALL OUT OF THAT TREE AND DIEEEE.


    • I kind of agree with you Jordyn, or maybe I like the idea of them in the tree, but yes the pants are so wrong. Looking forward to reading this one! Sounds exactly like my kind of book.

      • J & J, your comments are safe here on ze blog. I promise not to throw anything at either of you. ;)

  16. lmao!! That is one crazy looking cover. I would never even attempt to fall asleep with anybody on a tree, that’s just crazy and dangerous.. and it just looks so awkward.. those pants are awful. I do agree though that the book sounds awesome but I will have to take the dust jacket off before reading it in public. . =/

  17. I kinda like the cover. The pose is a little awkward, but the colours and the white space and the lettering is gorgeous!

    Plus… omg it sounds so good. And the authors with stories in it?! To die for. I must read it.

  18. Oh my, that cover is such a winner! LOL I want to get a copy of this book so I can just stare at the cover and laugh at it. And I want to see outtakes of the photo shoot! There are probably more awkward poses taken on that tree.

    And what is she wearing? A cropped polka dot shirt with leggings? Leggings are NOT pants!

  19. Bahahaha. Look at those boy’s pants. I haven’t seen boy-pants like those since I left Swarthmore.

  20. I think it looks like the dude is having an orgasm while she lies on him like a hunchbacked ragdoll. Just sayin.

  21. “Do you feel uncomfortable yet? I need you to feel more uncomfortable. If you’re not uncomfortable then the picture isn’t going to turn out right.”

    ^ This made me grin.

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