cell coverage: aimee

I wasn’t quite sure whether I wanted to have this particular cover featured under What Were YA Thinkin? or Cell Coverage. Because I certainly had one of those moments when I saw this cover out in the wild — you know, one of those OMG AM I GOING BLIND moments:

I kid you not. I went in for an optometrist appointment a few weeks back, and while my prescription had changed slightly, I felt like I had lost a contact lens or something when I saw the cover for Mary Beth Miller’s Aimee. My cell phone’s rear-facing camera is 5MP! I wasn’t battling any muscle spams when I snapped this photo!

Puffin, why is this photo-driven cover so blurry?

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10 thoughts on “cell coverage: aimee

  1. I don’t know… it is strange for a YA book cover (or any book cover, let’s be serious) but… I kind of like it :)

  2. The picture is awful without the anoyance that is the blur. And could the title at least be all caps bold and clear over the picture? That might make me stop disliking it.

  3. Wow, this cover would drive me crazy, if I had to look at it for a longer time.
    It’s funny but whether I wear my classes or not the cover looks exactly the same :)

  4. I kind of picture this to be what the world looks like when you wake up and you’re a glasses/contacts wearer (that is, assuming you have a half naked person in bed with you).

    • Sadly I don’t think I could even see THAT well without either of my contacts in. I’m not legally blind, but according to Hubs I might as well be.

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