cover love: warm bodies

So, let’s briefly discuss my tiny fascination with ZOMBIES.

Yes, you read that right. I’m an eclectic girl with eclectic tastes, and zombies happen to be one of my interests, especially after watching Shawn of the Dead and the first season of The Walking Dead. Speaking of which, WHEN IS SEASON 2 PREMIERING? I just spent a whole whopping 3 minutes Googling and couldn’t find an immediate answer so if you’re a non-lazy Walking Dead fanatic TELL ME PLEASE.

“But…What?!” you may be exclaiming incredulously.* “But I thought you were deathly afraid of anything remotely scary. Why are you being so hypocritical, Capillya? Everyone knows you’re a giant scaredypants of everything. Also I heard you almost threw up when you watched Saw II.”

Yeah, well, I don’t appreciate being called a giant scaredypants and I think you should refrain from name-calling. And yes, it was Saw II that made me want to give up the scary stuff for the rest of eternity. And yes it almost made me puke. So what.

But. It is possible to make a few exceptions, right? Especially when I saw the cover to Isaac Marion’s Warm Bodies.

The junior high kid in me wants to be all, “Man, check out that awesome undead action going on all over that cover! Braaaaains!”

Fortunately for you, I’m not a junior high kid anymore. When I first saw the cover art (I believe it was on The Book Smugglers blog) I thought, “Oh hey I want to see this movie! Oh. Wait.” And yes, I realize it’s being made into a movie now, but didn’t know back then.

This cover has quite a few elements that tickle my designer-friendly fancy. My favorite thing about the novel itself is its title. Considering the color scheme, I love a good desaturated meal with a serving of red punch. Per usual, I’m a big fan of the caps. It’s a little overkill with the blurbage, though, because I feel like the cover is visually interesting enough to stand on its own.

And while the UK cover has just as much blurbage (oh hello there SIMON PEGG), it’s pretty easy on the eyes as well. Stark, simple, and slightly creepy, I’d immediately be drawn to it in a bookstore in half a second. Also, do those veins remind you a little of the House, M.D. intro sequence?

I’d also recommend reading Marion’s opinion on the cover — warning, you might immediately be taken in by his sense of humor, which just adds more bonus points to the novel, IMO. I’ve read two very well-written reviews about the novel, so I’m excited to read it. Warm Bodies is not just going on my TBR list, but my to-buy list.

And for once, I can honestly say that a book cover with a dead dude on it totally made me want to read it. How’s that for judging a book by its cover?

*Phrases like these are the very reason why I am not a writer.

22 thoughts on “cover love: warm bodies

  1. I hear October for Walking Dead Season 2. Great covers for Warm Bodies (and yes, House M.D.-y vein action noted). Can’t wait to read this one (but have to cause I’ve got this book queue going…any excuse to use the word queueueueueu).

  2. I love the cover on this one, too. But MAN! It’s hilarious to me how the blurb name (coughcoughtwilightcoughcough) is just as big as the actual author’s.

  3. The UK cover SO made me think House! Now I have the theme song playing in my head :-)

  4. I love the US version a little more than the UK version, but I think they are great. I’m a zombie fan(atic) but I have gotten kind of tired the past few years with the covers and titles of zombie books. They could all be switched out for each other and it wouldn’t make any difference (except for Carrie Ryan’s series, of course.) These ones have something else going on here. Some other story to tell. I look at the US one particularly and think – this is not a zombie book I have ever read before.

    • I have absolutely noticed your zombie fanaticism and I love it! I have yet to read Carrie Ryan’s series, tho. *hides* I really need to remedy that, I’ve heard wonderful things about it.

  5. I aslo read that TWD Season 2 would be premiering in October. Can’t. Wait! I’m with Sommer on this one. I like the US version more than the UK version.

  6. Love both covers! I think the US hardcover is available here but it’s pretty expensive. Maybe I should check out how much the UK one costs in the Book Depository. I want to read this because of Angie and Janice’s reviews. :D

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  8. I actually hate zombies. With a passion. But for some reason, I agreed to review Warm Bodies and dude, it’s totally awesome. Like…if I thought sideways, I could believe they weren’t zombies. okay, I’m totally lying but the book is great. I recommend it.

  9. oh my gosh the uk cover in real life is so mesmorising it’s not even funny, even if they did over do the blurbage, i still kinda love it. though i think s meyer fans will pick up this book and be like huh? zombies? where are my sparkling vampires DAMN YOU. simon pegg would’ve been perfect and made the cover a little more stark and more in your face with it’s whiteness but there you go, s meyer is a instabuy for a lot of people which makes me go SAD FACE

  10. I feel like a lot of the books I look at have dark covers, so thumbs up to the UK cover, that’s something that I’d pick up in a hot second at the bookstore.

    Also, would pick it up mainly for the Simon Pegg blurb, I feel I can trust his opinion on zombies after Shaun Of The Dead.

    • When I was at the bookstore this past weekend, you can pick out the paranormal section just because of all of the dark covers and spines! I’m a fan of sweet and simple, so I love the UK cover as well. Also I LOVE SIMON PEGG TOO!

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  12. Came across your blog when I was finding out the differences between UK & US version and I must say I prefer the UK cover version. It looks striking among the other books with the same genre. The balance between white & slightly pink reddish of brain makes it stand out to my sight! After reading your post I’ve convinced to order the UK version ;)
    If I may I ask do you know if there’s any differences inside? For the illustrations for i.e. Cos I read the ebook version and there were some illustrations in it. I wonder if there’s also some in the paperback of these two versions :O

    • Hey Jan. It’s been so long since I’ve read Warm Bodies that I don’t even recall any illustrations in the US version. But I do hope you enjoy the novel! Happy reading. =)

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