cover love: this girl is different

I think I’ve written and re-written this post’s intro paragraph approximately 27 times. I wanted to say something witty and clever, something to make you laugh. I wanted to say that this cover art was both breathtaking and beautiful. Perhaps I could have started with my excitement about how more and more illustrated work is creeping into the YA cover scene — and how that’s a very, very good thing.

How about I just show you the cover instead?

The cover art is absolutely fitting for the premise of J.J. Johnson’s debut novel: it’s different. This is one of those covers that I could easily envision in a gallery somewhere, illuminated by dim track lighting. It would be mixed-media art, so you could see it in three different planes. I’d slowly sip my wine and hover around it, looking at it from various angles — I may even throw in a sophisticated phrase here and there to try to look cool.

I think that there’s something achingly familiar in a title called This Girl is Different. There’s a part of me that’s drawn to it because I was that teenage girl, and I am that twenty-something woman who feels/wants to be different. Just its title alone has the ability to pull in any pair of eyes — teens and adults alike. It has that dizzying feeling of whimsy, from the desaturated earth to its beautiful set of hues and tones covering the centerpiece — the rain cloud. It’s like the imagination of the protagonist, Evie, has spilled out from inside its pages and onto the cover. If a cover can be described as quirky and surreal in the same sentence, This Girl is Different does it effortlessly.

Well, I say effortlessly, but we all know that’s not the case. Luckily, author J.J. Johnson and designer Mo Withee from Peachtree Publishers will be stopping by the blog over the next two days. Stay tuned to find out the meaning behind the lightning bolt and how the Frankenstein effect plays a role in the journey of creating a striking piece of cover art.

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11 thoughts on “cover love: this girl is different

  1. I saw this cover for the first time a few days ago and was immediately drawn to it. It will be exciting to learn more about the author and the fascinating cover.

  2. Yea! This is an awesome cover! So nice to see covers that don’t feature random models! :)

  3. This is definitely different from what we are used to in the YA genre. I love how the word ‘different’ is upside-down and backwards. I seem to like covers that make me twist my head/eyes in all sorts of awkward angles :)

    • I feel the same way about the Seven Realms series’ covers. Total crick-in-your-neck-worthy. ;)

  4. I’ve never heard of this book before, thank you for sharing!!! I also love this cover. It reminds me a lot of the artist who drew the trailer art for Holly Cupala’s Tell Me A Secret.

    • When I was writing the post I was thinking that it reminded me of something and I couldn’t FOR THE LIFE OF ME put my finger on it! Thank you, Sommer! BTW, I do love that trailer. =)

  5. Oooh I like this cover. I have honestly been getting a little bored of pretty girls with smoldering stares. This actually is really cute and the girl on there reminds me of the sketch thing they do on 16 & Pregnant. lol

  6. I’ve seen this cover a few times before and didn’t notice until now that “different” is backwards/upside down. My brain totally “translated” it for me! Anyway, I agree. Love this cover, love that it’s illustrated rather than photo imagery – I’m curious what it looks like in the flesh.

  7. It is absolutely perfect in the way it tells a story in itself. And, the word different is exactly that!! It stands out in font size, color and style, yet is still legible. You rocked it MO!

  8. Love this cover. Love how different is backwards. Not a huge fan of the treatment of the author’s name, but that’s my only problem. I’ll keep an eye open for this cover!

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