hunger games movie poster contest: vote!

Movie poster diversion time!

Yesterday, I discovered through a Twitter friend that The Hunger Games Trilogy Fansite had opened up voting for a poster design contest for the film that releases in 2012. If you’re a huge fan* of movie posters and the novels, I suggest you go vote!

Here were my three favorites:

I have to be honest here when I say that concept-wise, I didn’t expect the first two entries on the left. Thus, my eyes were drawn like a moth to a flame. Kudos to those two designers for creating something that would definitely make me stop and notice at the theater. Also, kudos to the last entry from Katie (sorry, I couldn’t get info to properly credit the other two designers) for using the least Disney-esque model that didn’t make me actually feel sorry for her. I mean really, doesn’t that BA model just scream, “I will cut you”?

Also, can anyone tell me what a reverse high-five is?

Considering that this entry basically used my third favorite entry’s comp as a base layer, I’m giving this an honorable mention in What Were YA Thinkin? category.

*I won’t lie, I’m so excited about this film I may throw up. But that excitement is also mixed with a Great and Terrible Fear that the film won’t live up to the written trilogy.
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13 thoughts on “hunger games movie poster contest: vote!

  1. I think I really love the second poster. It is mysterious and would definitely draw me in. I would want to know more. I LOVE the “Viewing is mandatory.” Gah! I can’t wait for this either, but I totally know what you mean about being disappointed. It will never be as good as the book, but I hope it doesn’t ruin it completely!

  2. LOVE that middle one! Since none of the chickadees in the picks look like the Katniss I picture in my head, I really like either that middle one, or one of the ones on the site that just have the Mockingjay symbol.

  3. I saw this the other day & voted. I really liked letter ‘k’. But the one you chose in the middle up above (with red lettering) stood out to me, too. Very talented peeps here!

  4. i am kinda freaked that kaya is on the far left one because SHE IS THE CRAY CRAY GIRL FROM SKINS, not katniss, but oh gosh she would be perfecto!! I would make a poster myself, but it would end up being just “the hunger games” in my messy scrawl with something that looks an awful lot like wine sloshed on it. My creative mind is non exsistent because it uses all it’s mojo on letting me live in a dream world.

  5. I like the first and third posters :) I’m terrible at picking a favorite when it comes to things like this lol. On the one hand, I like the mockingjay that shadows the first one, but I like the realistic feel of the third.

  6. I’m so terrified to watch this movie. Cause if it’s terrible, it will totally ruin the way I read the books. Sigh. The directors/producers are gonna have a lot to take on.

  7. I like the second one! It’s very simple, and I think I will stop and look at that one while walking even if I don’t know about it and be curious.

  8. Hol crap I am so excited for this movie to come out!!! Although I hope it’s good because if it isn’t I will be very sad…

    I actually voted for “I” on the site, but I like your second choice the best of what you featured on here. It actually reminds me of the “Undesirable Number One” posters for Harry Potter.

  9. I’m iffy on the half-faced cover, but I like those first two a lot.

    This movie needs to happen now.

  10. I LOVE this series so much, I think I could throw up too.

    However, I am not lovin on the posters. If I had to pick one, it would be the one on the right, or maybe the very bottom one.

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