cover love: you had me at halo


While I do realize that Amanda Ashby’s novel was originally published four years ago, it certainly didn’t keep me from letting out an LOL after seeing this cover for the first time. And while I can’t say much for its type choice or treatment, I have to say kudos to the adorable puffy heart-shaped cloud. (And hello cute shoes!)

I assume that a majority of titles are set prior to the cover design stage, and the design process manufactures a look set after a novel’s name. But you’ve gotta admit, there’s still a lot to be said about an attention-grabbing title. And You Had Me At Halo just makes me smile. =)

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11 thoughts on “cover love: you had me at halo

  1. I think I would have preferred this cover with out the chick on the cloud. Take her out of the picture & it would have been better for me. Seeing her sitting there reminds too much of the Anna & the French Kiss cover – HATE IT.

  2. Cute cover and title. I like the blue and that little halo on the word. This sounds like those old angel series that I used to read back in high school.

    And I must agree: cute shoes! :)

  3. Awww what a happy-looking cover! What could really stink is if the book turned out to be horribly sad, lol.

  4. Love that cover. So glad I found this via the blog hop today. I’m mad about book cover design and photograph everything I read and post them to my Boomer Muse blog every Sunday. I think back covers are just as important and photograph both sides.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Layla. I agree on the back of the jacket being important — so many of them are definitely meant to be viewed as a whole piece. (like DANI NOIR)

  5. I like this cover too, I read the book when it first came out and it’s fairly hilarious, not sad at all.

  6. I completely agree with Ginger – much better without the girl on the cloud! And that title def made me smile :)

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