cover love: hero

A few weeks ago I Cover Love’d Kelly Oram’s Being Jamie Baker cover, and I’ve gotta admit that part of the reason why I loved the cover was because I knew it was about a superhero(ine). I mean, really, who doesn’t love superhero stories? They are extra-heroic!

Cue Perry Moore’s hardcover and paperback covers for his novel, Hero. I can’t decide which one I love more.

Also, I’m extremely guilty of not paying attention to blurbs on book covers. There’s something about them that make my eyes cross, unless it’s an author I’m fangirly-squeals-in-love-with.

But that paperback cover is blurbed by STAN LEE, PEOPLE.


Really, though. Stan Lee.

So, which cover do you prefer?

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17 thoughts on “cover love: hero

  1. I think I prefer the paperback cover better.
    I may or may not want to rub my hands on that chest :P

  2. I have to vote hardcover, though I like them both. I can’t help but think that the paperback cover model is Dexter Morgan – not sure what it is exactly.

    I’ve been meaning to read this one for a long time. Can’t count the number of times I’ve had it out from the library (both covers). Stan Lee would be so disappointed in me. Thank goodness he doesn’t know!

  3. I really think both covers are appealing, but I vote for the paperback cover. It’s supermanesque

  4. I like the hardcover one better because I really have a thing against people, even (or especially) faceless people on covers. I love simple, eye-catching graphics. Plus the typing on the chest just doesn’t work for me there.


    *ahem* i think i like the hardback, because, damn, that is so pretty. though kudos to the paperback for being brave with the whole “look at me ripping my shirt off, i have such a well defined chest” look because, damn, that is so pretty. PRETTY LICKABLE.

  6. There is something likable about them both, but like Ginger said… that is a chest I would like to touch :P Maybe if he wasn’t wearing an undershirt…

  7. I love the paperback cover. It says so many things at once – Superman, hot guy, STAN LEE….yeah.

  8. I just bought the paperback, but I do enjoy the paperback. But hardback design wins, hands down!

    The book’s back blurb? MAURICE SENDAK.

  9. I’m liking the first cover, with the domino mask, if only because it reminds me of one of my favourite covers/book designs of all time, Soon I Will Be Invincible. Kill the stupid blurb, and that cover would be amazing on nearly all counts – and the interior design is even better.

    Gonna have to read Hero now…I’m on a superhero-novel kick, as we’re releasing Broken this month….

  10. We handle nominations in a couple of months, and this is definitely mine. Sounds great!

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