cover love: death by series

Happy new year, folks! If it means anything to you, I almost wrote “Happy New York.” That’s how heinously busy my past month has been — I can barely focus long enough on how I want to properly greet all of you in 2011.

Brain lapses aside, feast your eyes on Linda Gerber’s Death by series that I’ve recently discovered:

If you’ve seen just a few of my other Cover Love posts, you’ll notice that I’m a big fan of creative and unique type treatment. See also: bright attention-grabbing colors and imagery that makes you curious (Bikini + guns? What?!).

I’m also a big fan of cohesive branding across a series. It’s a no-brainer for a design/marketing team, but for you and me that means an extra amount of planning needs to be pumped into the first novel. Cover designer Theresa Evanglista (what a beautiful name) also has some other YA cover pieces you might recognize, as well.

Two years ago, author Melissa Walker posted a Cover Stories entry on the series that’ll give you a more in-depth look — be sure to give it a read. After reading her interview with Linda Gerber, I was excited to learn that they all feature die-cut covers! Yes, please and thank you.

5 thoughts on “cover love: death by series

  1. I just finished Trance and really enjoyed it. Linda is really nice! I want to read these next. They look like a lot of fun.

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