cover love: smile for the camera

As we’re quickly approaching December, I thought it’d be fitting to show some cover love to a snow globe-like cover.

Well, sort of.

There is absolutely no Christmas-like quality to this cover except for the globe-ish shape, and the stark white background that almost resembles the blinding white of snow. But this cover art hits a few key buttons of what I like in a quality cover. Simplicity: check. Broken glass: check. A scene that makes you actually question how much forethought went into its design (in a positive way): check.

Every element of this cover art feels like it’s been hand-selected to resemble exactly what this story is about. And when I see that it’s a memoir, I can’t help but peer even further into that cracked globe. There’s something very alluring about that tiny replica of a big city and miniature doll resembling author Kelle James as a sixteen-year-old girl. S&S knew exactly what they were doing — this cover speaks volumes for a memoir I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up off the shelf. And as someone who doesn’t exactly jump at the opportunity to read non-fic YA, this is saying a lot.

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5 thoughts on “cover love: smile for the camera

  1. I’m not generally into memoirs so much, but this is a fabulous cover. It really makes you do a double take. I just want to keep looking at it!

    I’m not a huge fan of the multi-colored type, though.

  2. I love the simplicity here, yet it shows so much depth too.

    Side note: I collect snow globes (just started actually) and I never knew just HOW MANY different kinds there were! Right now I’m only collecting for Christmas – don’t think I’m some nutcase who has a house full of snow globes, lol!

  3. I like what you said about how, when you look very closely, you can tell EXACTLY what this story’s going to be about. That is so so so important to me when judging a book by its cover, which I am very guilty of.

  4. I keep looking at this in the stores and then putting it down. I’m not into memoirs of this type, but great great cover.

  5. I love this cover. I can take or leave memoirs but this cover makes it seem quirky and intriguing. I’ll have to check it out!

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