what were YA thinkin? — swimming sweet arrow

I think it’s nice to have decency. Really, I do. I’m not exactly the world’s biggest prude, but I certainly have my own standards of modesty. This does not include pointing the camera at someone’s crotch, by the way.

I’ve taken the liberty of editing Swimming Sweet Arrow’s cover, because apparently someone’s mother wasn’t around to do it for Back Bay Books.

I say this in jest, mostly because there isn’t any type of exposing of this girl’s nether regions on this cover. See for yourself. But still, one has to ask, WHAT WERE YA THINKIN? I’m hereby declaring myself a non-fan of crotches on covers. Will you join me in this movement?

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14 thoughts on “what were YA thinkin? — swimming sweet arrow

  1. This cover makes me very uncomfortable.

    Also, I’m pretty sure this is the kind of book I wouldn’t want to be seen reading on the bus. Unless it was on my Nook. Sometimes ereaders do come in handy.

  2. That’s really an awful cover… Even aesthetically it’s gross.
    What are they thinking… :/

  3. This is just plain awful. WHY would someone think this cover was ok?! I would never pick up this book in a bookstore b/c of that cover alone. It looks seriously suggestive. I feel so, so bad for this author too.

  4. To be (sorta) fair, this is a pretty sexually-driven book. But being YA, I’m a bit bewildered. It’s too explicit for my taste as an adult. So with a teen protag, I’m confused — who is this book written for?

  5. I guess we really DO all think alike on this blog. I agree with katiebabs: if this were my book, I’d be scrabbling for a polite way to say “what the heck did you do to my book!?”

  6. Uh…this just feels completely inappropriate and wrong. I’m sure it’s a very good and interesting YA, but it sells the wrong image.

    And last time I went swimming, I certainly didn’t do it this way.

  7. HAHAHAHA this makes me laugh because have you read the blurb ON the actualy cover right below the girls crotch? “Both satisfying and unexpected” yeah, i’ll bet it was. BAHAHA

  8. Whoa…INAPPROPRIATE. Poor model. I bet she never dreamed that someday she’d have her cooter all up in people’s faces in bookstores worldwide. Well, maybe she did. In which case, good for her!

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  10. I can say that as an adult who reads YA Lit, I would feel quite pervy and nervous purchasing a book with this cover. Thank you for mothering the cover art.

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