cover love: being jamie baker

Lately I’ve noticed more and more feminine covers in the YA section, whether they feature flowers, purples and pinks, or just objects that scream girly like feathers and cute socks. Not that I’m opposed to any of these things, but you publishing houses really try to cater to your demographic, that’s for sure.

However, this isn’t to say that I’m not drawn to some of the girlier covers. Take Kelly Oram’s Being Jamie Baker, for example.

Before I get all fangirly and start squeeing all over the place, let me mention that it wasn’t actually the cover that made me immediately throw this book on my I Might Die if I Don’t Get This for Christmas Wishlist. It was the trailer.

This part made me laugh.

Oh heavens, this is my favorite book trailer of all time. I’ve seen a lot of book trailers, but I’ve never seen any that have made me grin like an idiot all the way through and immediately start salivating after watching.

I’m being a little dramatic, I know.

As for the cover, I have to admit that there aren’t very many YA covers that make me feel like I just stepped into an iPod dance party commercial. (in fact, there are 0 of them) Because I saw the trailer before I saw the cover art, I had a greater appreciation for how well the trailer played into the light and fun heroine with superpowers “of the comic book persuasion.” I dig the pink in the cover, the pink in the trailer, and the pink in the overall design of the book’s simple website.

The creative folks over at Bluefields definitely know design, from concept to graphic design to production and post. Oh, and I hope you’ve already watched the trailer. If you haven’t, get thee to watching, ASAP.

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