what were YA thinkin? — awakened

I’ve seen this cover for Ednah Walters’ Awakened floating around the internet, and at first I thought I’d keep my opinions to myself about it. Then I saw it on a blog for the billionth time and figured I’d put my two cents in.

What in the world was

I don’t know why

Why on earth would

While I’m normally not opposed to a hot set of abs

Forget it. There are no words.

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13 thoughts on “what were YA thinkin? — awakened

  1. Oh dear lord…. seriously?! Would you ever want to go in to a book store & pick up this book to buy?? I’d be too embarrassed!! haha It reminds me of those cheesy romance novels with Fabio on the cover — but Fabio junior?!

    • I still can’t form a single thought about this cover. I keep trying and I just quit mid-sentence.

  2. There are no words. Apart from……hhhhaaaahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha REALLY? come ON!

  3. HAH! What’s even worse is that my mind immediately starts wondering exactly what’s being awakened! =)

    So glad you have a snarky feature to your blog! So often I see covers posted, and the authors, and all of the authors’ fans and friends, are required to gush about how beautiful it is. That’s the way it should be, but it’s nice to get a dose of reality, too.

    • Ha! You made me LOLZ where you said, “exactly what’s being awakened.”

      I’ve had a few other “what were YA thinkin?” posts on the blog, but not many. Honestly, there aren’t too many covers that completely rub me the wrong way. But there are a ton of covers that don’t make me feel one way or another. (I’m not quite sure which is the bigger issue) But I’m happy to insert a dose of reality here and there. ;)

  4. I normally don’t judge books by their cover, but I make an exception to this one. Someone get a better cover artist, quick!

  5. I’m in the middle of designing a cover for a YA fantasy, and suddenly my design studies seem approximately 86% less cheesy…

    • Ooh, you’re a covert artist — very cool. Now I can say I have a legitimate artist who agrees with me, now I don’t sound quite so pretentious. ;)

      • HAH, definitely not. Between the ABS OF ABBYNESS and the random glow and the odd pastels-on-paper effect and what the HECK is going on with that font and is that a brand on his chest or am I crazy…yeah, I’m just gonna go put a fluffy blanket over my head for awhile.

        And then come look at this whenever I think I suck at designing covers.

        • Just know that you can always come to this blog, click on this category/feature post and rename it to “Cover Art That Will Inevitably Make Me Feel Better.”

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  7. WHAT?
    I can live with the font, if it were smaller. Maybe. And the abs are fine, it’s..


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