enablers in coversnobbery: font catalogues

So, basically it’s been Awesome Package Week here at the office. And it’s only Tuesday. The graphic designer and I spent a good 15 minutes putting our grabby hands all over these:

They remind me a little bit of restaurant menus. “Why yes, I’ll have some Proxima Nova with a side of FF Meta Serif, please.”

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3 Responses to enablers in coversnobbery: font catalogues

  1. Jordyn says:


  2. D. Stopian says:

    i totally want those. I would be in font heaven if i could get my hands on some of those. I would probably be that guy who hides them behind a “Sports Illustrated” or “Maxim” just to hide my nerdiness.

    • thatcovergirl says:

      They’re easy to get. Just spend a bajillion dollars on a font family, and PRESTO. Print schwag.

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