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“Mr. Marley” by Cris Wicks (Click to see his work)

I’m a bit of a text-a-holic. A font freak, if you will. Give me some good-lookin serifs, sans serifs, demi-bolds, and ultra-lights and I will not be ashamed to fawn over your type design.

In relation to cover design, typography plays a pretty large role, at least for me. There are countless instances where I’ve loved a particular cover’s art except for the type choice. It’s almost as if the particular font at fault was an afterthought, which kind of neuters my soul.

This may seem finicky and nit-picky, but I view type design as another form of an artistic element that bears its own weight when it comes to designing a cover. Fonts have structure. They have architecture. They have readability and legibility qualities. They can set a tone or mood when placed against a texture, photograph, or color. They are neat, sloppy, uniform, and last but not least, they highlight titles and author names. It helps me to remember whether I want to check out a book if I can remember an eye-catching font. Beautiful Creatures, anyone?

But rather than point out all the covers that missed the mark in Cover Love (or rather, have been thrown into the Type Tragedies category in the back of my brain), I’d prefer to showcase a collection of titles and type design that I absolutely love.

Note: I’m not including any prior Cover Love titles. They’ve already passed with flying colors in my book.



I’m sure I’ve missed plenty of titles. (Okay, seriously, the Internet is so vast and I eventually had to go to sleep) Feel free to post some of your favorites in the comments!

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