What to have on your coffee table


living room

Choosing what goes on your coffee table is something that is not easy to decide, there are so many issues like putting too much or too little on it. You want it to look effortless and good without being cluttered in any way, because this can change the whole dynamic of your room. This makes choosing what goes on it so important, here are some things that you should think about when sprucing up your coffee table.


Coasters not only protect your coffee table, but they can look great too, you can use them to fit effortlessly into the colour scheme of the room or as a way to add a little explosion of colour to the room. There are so many varieties and the materials are endless, some great looking versions are cork or stone coasters.

Coasters are also a really great item to have on your coffee table because they are not obtrusive objects and things can be placed on top of them.

What better way is there to encourage yourself to read than having books on your coffee table. Books are a great decorative piece to have in the house and they are also extremely useful for those wanting to find something to relax with on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

When you think of this word you are probably picturing a large silver tray that your mother used to use to serve tea on, but you would be very wrong about this. When we talk about trays we mean funky, patterned or neutral trays to sit all your trinkets and other things like remote controls.  These look great without making your coffee table look cluttered or unorganised, and give your coffee table a homely and lived in feel.


Candles are a great way to add colour, mood and pure decoration. Opt for candles in small glass containers as these are not obtrusive and will give a more sleek and minimalist look to your coffee table, whilst cutting out the clutter. Have a few candles handy in case you want to change the mood, perhaps one day you will want a scented red soy candle and the next you may want a plain white candle. Whatever you do choose there certainly are options.