True Religion


Jeans are a staple, a wardrobe classic. Once consigned strictly to the common laborer, jeans have risen to the very top of American style consciousness; even the president wears jeans. So, while the idea of dropping serious dollars for a pair of blue jeans might at first seem excessive, jeans are so ubiquitous a piece of clothing that spending money for a quality pair of designer jeans is not as ridiculous as it might seem. A well-fitted pair of designer jeans will be a wardrobe investment for years to come, and will only look better as they age.Designer denim is made of more durable fabric so it lasts longer and keeps it shape, your shape, once it has been broken in to fit your body more closely.If you wear jeans regularly, it makes sense to spend more on something that will last.

To find good quality denim there are three general paths for consumers: second hand via vintage/consignmentshops or auctions, raw and‘selvedge’ (two types of bespoke denim), or designer jeans. Second-hand denim can be found on the internet, at flea markets, even at Goodwill and thrift stores. These are great places to start if money is tight; even eBay is worth a look, but beware of inferior knockoffs sold as genuine. Raw denim refers to the cloth’s treatment; it isn’t washed or treated after the dyeing of the threads. It is 100% cotton. Selvedge refers to a specific type of hem for the denim cloth. A combination of selvedge and raw can make for a very sturdy pair of pants.

Designer jeans may often be the best choice for the high-end denim seeker by virtue of availability alone. Uniformity of sizing from a retailer can be very useful to your fashion-minded individual, who, living hours from a well-stocked vintage store or tailor for the Japanese denim they covet from eBay, can still invest in a classic wardrobe centerpiece. Retailers like True Religion or J Brand are mostly made in the United States (True Religion’s denim jackets are partly manufactured in Mexico). Finding a pair on sale is usually a good bet (like these super classic men’s Ricky straight jeans or this pair of Brianna boyfriend jean, both from True Religion’s Summer Sale), so get your measurements done twice just to be safe and hit the sale. Good luck in your high end denim search!