Traveling To The Last Continent On Earth: Antarctica


The last continent on earth is truly a picture perfect place, that has landscapes that you would never even dream of. Somehow between these landscapes animals thrive in the summer months each year. Strangely this wildlife is not shy or fast to run away from visitors, which makes it an ideal place


It is a great question, because getting to the end of the earth is not a question that everyone knows the answer to. The best and most popular way of reaching the end of the earth is definitely via cruise to Antartica. Most of these will leave from Ushuaia in Southern Argentina, but there are a few that leave from other parts of South America too. It is also possible to fly, but it is not a popular method of traveling there and I would personally recommend a cruise to Antartica.

What to look for in a cruise ship

Personally when I traveled to Antarctica I wanted a cruise that would actually allow me to get off the ship and actually explore what is going on around me. I know that with large cruise ships, this isn’t even an option! I would never want to travel somewhere, where I couldn’t technically step foot onto the the place! Because of this it is best to choose a cruise ship, that has a capacity of less than 50. It is best to check whether or not your tour will actually allow you to do this.

I would personally pick the longest cruise possible to get the most out of the experience, after all you are probably only going to get the chance to do it once. Research is very important for getting the right holiday for you.

What to do

Getting a bit closer to the water is a great experience and the best way to do this is via a Zodiac boat. This is a small rubber boat that can carry a handful of people and is a great way to navigate the Antarctic seascape. Steering the boat in and out of the icebergs was something that I will never forget and you get a real sense of smallness when you are next to these huge things.

The wildlife is a huge reason alone to visit Antarctica and my favourite thing was seeing many kinds of seals, penguins, whales and other birds. If you do go in February or March, there is a very good chance that you will see whales and they are much easier to see during this time, and this is due to the breaking up of the ice over the summer months.

Some facts

Antarctica is absolutely huge, at about 14 million square kilometres and this is much bigger than Europe (one and half times in fact). The winter months make the continent impossible to visit due to the thick ice, lack of wildlife and constant darkness. The summer months of November to March are, therefore, the best time to visit the continent. In contrast to the darkness of the winter months, the summer months yield 20 more hours or more a day of light, so you won’t miss a thing.

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