Top 7 Italian Cities for Holiday Makers

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So, you’ve decided on the gorgeous Italia for your next vacation. But do you know which part or parts you’re going to visit yet? The whole of Italy is something special, but each city has its own unique personality. There are different things to do and see depending on where you choose, so you’ll need to make your decision accordingly. The following 7 cities are hard to beat when it comes to experiencing Italy to the fullest:

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  • Brescia



This historic Italian city is absolutely beautiful. It’s close to attractions such as Lake Garda too, so you get to see one of the most gorgeous bodies of water in Italy. The town’s squares are lively and full of cool shopping opportunities.



  • Scalea



Scalea is quieter and slower than the other cities, but it’s charming to say the least. You can go on many an adventurous walk here, along the stony beaches and through the winding alley ways. The ancient buildings and houses have been preserved well, and are a joy to look at.



  • Milan



Milan is one of Europe’s richest cities. It’s full of galleries, trendy shops, and restaurants. You can find many luxurious places to stay here, too, by looking on a site like, for example. You may also notice that it seems to go at a faster pace than the other Italian cities. The culture of the city is rich, with plenty of art thrown in too. Head over to La Scala to see one of the most famous opera houses ever built.



  • Naples



Naples has an old, interesting character but it has had some renovations lately. It’s more modern now, but it still has much of it’s old charm. It’s one of the most exciting cities to visit in Italy for sure. Don’t forget to take the essentials – read this post.



  • Rome



As you probably already know, Rome is the capital of Italy. It’s full of intriguing history, so it’s perfect for people who want to learn all about the place and Italy’s roots. There are ancient monuments to see, medieval churches to take in, gorgeous fountains to relax by, and more. The city is very lively and exciting, but be sure to keep your wits about you when out and about. The restaurants are excellent, as you can imagine. You can’t go wrong with some of the gelato (ice cream) here either. The nightlife is great too!



  • Venice



You can’t deny that Venice is a unique city. This is because it’s built on water, in the middle of a beautiful lagoon. You’ve probably heard of the gondola rides you can take here – right through the centre of the city! It’s a great way to view the place for the first time. It’s a great place for couples to visit, as there are so many romantic things to do. There are museums, palaces, and ancient churches to visit too.



  • Florence



Many people say that Florence is one of the most important places in the world when it comes to art and architecture. The museums are interesting with their sculptures and paintings, but there are palaces and gardens to be explored too.


You’ll love these Italian cities – which will you visit first?


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