Tips to Design Your Bedroom


Your bedroom is the one place in the house that you really want to feel the most comfortable, relaxed and welcome. It’s somewhere you go rest and rejuvenate, to spend time with someone you love and to de-stress after your day. Many people don’t put enough thought into the layout of their bedroom, but we’ve put together some tips to make sure that yours is one of the most inviting spaces in your home.

Create a view

You’re going to enjoy being in your bedroom a lot more if you can see out the window when you wake up in the morning! Use the window to your advantage, and either place it across from your bed, or if you have a desk, place the chair facing the window so you can look out if you work in your room.

Allow for circulation

It’s important to account for the path you’ll be taking in your bedroom, such as from your bed to your closet, to the bathroom, etc. Don’t block your own way and make it easy to move from one place to another, and you’ll feel much happier and more relaxed in your space.

Connect with nature

Obviously, it’s easier to connect your bedroom with nature if you’re on the ground floor, but even if you’re not, make sure you have some access to connect with the world outside!If it’s possible to add a balcony or terrace to your room, it can be a great investment in your overall enjoyment of the space.  If you are on the top floor think about adding a skylight from All Professional Remodeling Group, LLC.  With a skylight you can lay in bed and view the stars and get in touch with nature.

Consider privacy

If you’re someone who enjoys to recluse from the world in your bedroom, you probably won’t want your room right next to the kitchen or living room. Consider designing your bedroom so that you have privacy away from the doorway if you want a more private space.

Play with lighting

The different types of lighting you choose can have a big effect on the overall atmosphere and vibe in your bedroom. You can use luxury candles to create a soft and romantic atmosphere in your room, allowing the light to dance on the walls and flicker as you enjoy a quiet evening in. Candles also create a great mood with beautiful scents to relax you and help you sleep well.