St. Bart’s is a Cover Girl’s Dream Destination


Do you want all the hallmarks of a great holiday celebrity holiday, such as crystal clear water, white sand beaches and amazing villas, without people with cameras following you around and documenting your every move? If the answer to this question is yes then a classy St. Bart’s vacation villa rental by the beach is the holiday destination for you.

st barts

St. Bart’s is a famed destination for celebrities to holiday, much like other destinations in the Caribbean, and for good reason. St. Barts or ‪Saint Barthélemy as it is known in French is a French collectivity in the Caribbean. It is a small volcanic island that is encircled by shallow reefs, making for unbelievably beautiful stretches of coastline as well as stunning turquoise water. Having a luxury villa with some friends or your family is the perfect way to relax and unwind, without being distracted by the paparazzi. There are so many things to do on this beautiful island and it is really a place for everyone.


St. Bart’s is known to have some of the best chefs in the Caribbean and this type of food is famous the world over for its blend of tropical delights as well as touches of spice. There are a number of restaurants around the island, so you definitely wont go hungry.


Whether it is swimming in the pristine waters surrounding St. Bart’s or playing golf at the local course, which by the way is a known past time of PGA golfer Jim Furyk, this island has all you could need to have a great time with its lush surroundings and serene scenery. If you want you can also take a scooter around the island and explore the beautiful coast and see something different


You can swim or sit and relax on the beach, it is entirely up to you. You can also relax in the Gustavia, the capital, it doesn’t matter where you go, there is a place to unwind anywhere you go on the island. You can discover the boutiques in the capital if you like to shop or just lounge around the town in the number of bars and cafes.