How to Rock Rose Gold: Tips and Tricks

Rose gold is fairly new to the jewellery industry and has only gained a whole lot of fans in the past few years. Back in the day, you were either a silver/white gold or yellow gold girl. Nowadays, you have those two choices and rose gold to choose from, making the decision on what jewellery to wear even harder. Now, a while back, I loved the look of rose gold but had no idea how to wear it. I know many people feel the same about it too, still to this day! This post will help you to rock rose gold with confidence, so you can get in on this exciting trend. Read on for tips and tricks:



Wear Inexpensive Copper Jewellery

Rose gold pieces of jewellery can be fairly expensive, so it’s unlikely that you’re going to own multiple items in the hue. However, this doesn’t mean you’re stuck just wearing one item on its own forever. Rose gold is made by blending regular gold and copper, so try wearing copper jewellery with your rose gold piece to make it pop. Copper really compliments the rosy pink hues of rose gold. You won’t have to spend a fortune on copper items either!


Wear a Splash of Bright Turquoise

Turquoise looks absolutely amazing with rose gold jewellery of any kind. If you’re wearing a rose gold ring, for example, you could wear bright turquoise nail polish to set it off. Otherwise, a rose gold watch, like one of these rose gold watches from Shinola, would look fantastic with some turquoise bangles stacked on the same arm. Did somebody say ‘arm party’?! I love a good arm party.


Mixing Rose Gold and Yellow Gold

Yes ladies, you CAN mix rose gold and yellow gold! However, it needs to be done carefully. There are lots of different tones of rose and yellow gold. An antique gold, or a gold with a greener tone to it will set off rose gold and make it pop. However, if your gold is too yellow your rose gold will go unnoticed!


Bags, Belts, and Accessories

Coppery coloured clothing accessories like bags and belts are always going to look amazing when paired with this beautiful metal. Consider buying a few items to match and then wear your favourite rose gold jewellery with them too.

The great thing about rose gold is that you can play about with the rules a bit and do what you think works. It looks great dressed up or down, and on both men and women. I find it stands out against most bright colours, like white and pink as well as turquoise as mentioned earlier. Beige accessories can work well too!


Some people go as far as to mix all three metals together. You do need to take care with this, but it can look great when done properly. Why not wear a rose gold watch, and then one silver and one gold bracelet? That’s an arm party that won’t go unnoticed!

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