How to make your home cosy for winter


No matter where you live in the UK winter time is bound to bring with it a whole range of challenging weather conditions. In cities like Birmingham houses for sale cover the whole range of properties from shared student accommodation to grand Victorian semis and in the nearby countryside there is a wealth of chocolate box cottages to be found. But no matter where you live a few simple changes can help to turn your home from a cool, calm summer environment to a warm and cosy place to escape from the cold and the rain.


When it’s cold outside we wrap up warm with gloves and scarves so why should our homes be any different? Consider adding a large deep pile rug in a rich vibrant shade of red to any room for an instant injection of warmth to not only your feet but also your colour scheme.


As the nights draw in earlier instead of reaching for the central light switch strategically placed floor and table lamps will give you all the light that you need in exactly the places that you need it. Central lights can make a room look quite stark and cold whereas the warm glow of a lamp or a set of candles can be inviting and cosy.


Getting out of bed in the morning can be a chore when it’s still dark outside and the space beyond your duvet is chilly. Most modern central heating systems come with a timer so make sure that you change the settings to reflect the change in season. If your central heating is timed to start an hour before you get up, leaving the warmth of your duvet for an all round warm house shouldn’t be such a challenge.


It’s the little things in life that can make a huge difference so don’t underestimate the effect that simple accessories like cushion covers, vases, bed linen and throws can make. Cool blues and whites look contemporary and stylish during the summer however, when the seasons change so should your colour scheme. Swapping those hot weather colours for deep reds, golds and purples will transform your interior from a cool oasis to a warm and cosy environment perfectly suited to the worst that our winters can throw at us.