Make the most of your career success: Investing in holiday homes  

Career success inevitably results in a number of satisfying outcomes; a sense of pride, a strong network of people with whom one enjoys socializing and working, and perhaps most importantly, significant financial reward.  Once debts are paid off and a career reaches the stage where income starts to outweigh expenses, it is important for an individual to consider how best to use what is left over at the end of the month, especially if they are relatively young.


Spending money is a powerful temptation.  It can also be a hugely enjoyably experience, and one that any young woman who has worked hard to succeed can deservedly expect to enjoy.  However, if spending is not managed carefully it can, in the long-term, lead to a whole range of problems.


Investing in property


“Investing in bricks and mortar” is a common phrase that has been used for decades to reflect the security of financial investment in property.  It is perhaps not a particularly inspiring phrase, however, until one thinks about the potential of investing in property overseas.  Not only does this allow for a sensible and largely secure investment, it also provides an opportunity to explore the world and the option of fun breaks away with minimal planning, or even a personalized base for business travel.  Even better, operating a second home as a holiday let can also provide an additional source of income, meaning the property can in many ways pay for its own maintenance.


Where to invest


There are so many places to consider investing in a property, and the sheer scale of choice can be daunting and confusing.  One serious consideration for successful young women however, should be Denver in Colorado.  Consider the following:


  • Availability.  To ensure a competitive price on an investment property, there needs to be a market for it.  New homes in Denver are widely available and offer some of the most elegant, classic and modern architectural designs on the market, set against the backdrop of some of the country’s most striking natural scenery.


  • Connectedness.  An investment in a property is for many a second home and therefore needs to offer the comforts and convenience of home.  A thriving metropolitan city like Denver will ensure that an investor has everything they need whether visiting for business or for pleasure.


  • Tourism.  If an investor is considering letting the property to holiday makers when they are not using it themselves, it is important to invest in an area that is attractive to tourists.  Denver has a thriving tourist scene, with skiing and other outdoor pursuits combining perfectly with lively nightlife and excellent restaurants.


A question of balance


Ultimately, it is a question of balance.  That is, spending in a way that allows enjoyment and that also helps secure the future.  Investment in a carefully chosen, suitably located holiday property is a guaranteed way of ensuring that a successful young woman can enjoy the best of both worlds.


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