Lasting Benefits of Installing Wrought Iron Doors at Your Residence

Like many people, you may be pondering ways in which you can enhance and improve the décor of your home. You may also be contemplating how to improve the look and appearance of your home on a budget.

There are some clever, affordable steps you can take to enhance the décor of your home. One of these strategies involves the beneficial use of iron doors as part of your overall home décor motif. Wrought iron doors can add a measure of class, security, and other benefits to your residence.

History of Wrought Iron

Ironwork became highly decorative, and utilized in residential and other properties, beginning in the 16th century. The use of elaborate, attractive ironwork during this time period is the precursor to such things as iron doors, specifically wrought iron doors, found in residential and other types of properties today.

During the 16th century, elaborate, ornate, and highly attractive ironwork was first seen in cathedrals of Spain as well as on balconies, patios and gateways of France. Indeed, the types of ironwork that were added to balconies, patios, and gateways in France can still be seen today in the United States. This styling is not limited to the iconic French Quarter in New Orleans and is, in fact, seen across the country. However, the French Quarter does provide a geographically concentrated example of what occurred with ironwork beginning in the 16th century.

Wrought Iron Doors and Home Security

No matter where you live, you best protect your family by taking a proactive approach to home security. This can include everything from installing a top-end alarm system to ensuring that you have appropriate doors and windows at your home.

When it comes to effective security doors for a residence, very little compares to a wrought iron door. For starters, a wrought iron door is, by definition, virtually impenetrable (depending on the specifics of its design).

Oftentimes a wrought iron door is part of a two-door system at a front entryway to a residence. This provides a double layer of strong protection against an intruder or a residential break-in of some sort.

Wrought Iron Doors and Affordability

If you are like most people, you want the very best for your residence, however you must pay heed to serious budgetary considerations. In other words, you must take care to not break the bank on a home improvement project, including one that involves the installation of high quality doors.

One of the positive features of wrought iron doors is that they are renowned for their relative affordability. You can find a wide selection of different types and styles of wrought iron doors in a variety of price ranges.

More Than Doors

Whether your primary motivation is security, style, or both, you can do more with wrought iron at your residence than install a high quality entrance door. For example, you can obtain wrought iron window “bars” and related accoutrements that are designed to harmonize or compliment what you select for your door. You can greatly enhance the level of security at your residence, and do so in a way that actually increases the curb appeal of your home.

Increased Home Value

Speaking of curb appeal, if you are like many people, you pay attention to steps you can take to increase the value of your home. One strategy is to install a wrought iron entry door, and perhaps even some other wrought iron additions, to your residence. The installation of a wrought iron entry door and window bars or coverings of some nature adds value to your residence without costing a proverbial arm and leg in the process.

Easy to Accentuate

Time and again homeowners puzzle over the selection of a front door to their residences. One of the reasons they stew is because finding a door style that can easily be accentuated can prove surprisingly challenging. Such is not the case with a wrought iron entry door. The fact is that a wrought iron door can be readily accentuated, and not just with associated window pairings, but in other ways as well.

For example, a wrought iron fence, in a design that matches of compliments the entryway is one idea. There is an abundance of different types of wrought iron furnishings that can be added to the front porch (depending on shape and size) in a manner that harmonizes and compliments the entry door. In fact, the list of items that can be incorporated into an overall home décor scheme that compliments a wrought iron door selection is long.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Abby Iron Doors. Abby Iron Doors specialize in designing and manufacturing wrought iron entry doors, wine cellar doors, windows and balconies for residential and commercial customers.  


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