How to Determine the Best Sofa for your Space


Whilst it’s hard to pick out your favourite sofa at the best of times, it’s even harder to determine which one will best fit into your space. Combining personal tastes and the space you have to work with can be one of the biggest difficulties when it comes to interior design. In order to make your next refurbishment a little easier, here are a few tips on the best ways to determine which sofa will suit your space the best.


Colour scheme


It is easy to see how a sofa can dominate a room, it is often the largest piece of furniture there and nearly always central, but it’s crucial that it’s not seen as clashing or out of place. When it comes to seamlessly fitting your furniture in, it nearly always comes down to colour coordination. G plan sofas offer a huge range of colours so you can find a style and design that best matches your walls, flooring and accessories.




Whilst the ideal sofa for you may be a beautiful leather L shaped monster, it is often the case that your space simply will not permit it. When on the hunt for you perfect sofa bear in mind the logistics of your space, perhaps moving and rearranging your existing furniture is possible, but always keep with you a clear measurement of the space you have to fill so you don’t come home with a sofa that just will not fit.




Ensuring your sofa matches the whole room can be tricky but one of the most commonly neglected aspects of design is the flooring. It is imperative that the sofa you choose fits with the flooring in place, whether you have the freedom of wooden floors or the restriction of colour matching to carpets or rugs. It is important to always want to ensure that your sofa won’t look out of place on your floor.




One of the most crucial roles a sofa has to play is that of practicality. For example, if you have a young family with small children, an easy clean leather surface may be preferred to avoid stains. Similarly, big families may wish to look into bigger sofas, perhaps a large L shape. Whatever your needs, be sure your sofa meets them to ensure longevity in your satisfaction.