How I designed my small living room


Back in 2012 I bought myself a great little holiday home in Cornwall. Of course, I didn’t need a mansion so I bought a cosy little cottage that would be perfect for weekend getaways with the family – plus good to let when we weren’t planning to visiting for long periods.


I loved the property and the location, we got great value for money, but I wanted to make the most of the pace we had. I have always enjoyed working with a blank canvas and really making the pace my own, who doesn’t?

We had completely revamped the house, bar the living room, and it looked absolutely fantastic! It was at this point that my wife suggested I contact an interior designer in Cornwall to help us finish off the last piece of the puzzle. As always she was correct because the skills and the insight that our designer brought to our project were amazing.

So to help all go you other people out there who like to design their properties as much as they can, I thought i would take this opportunity to give you 3 of the major tips I learnt from our pro designer! Trust me, they will help you with your next project.

Light it up

Lighter shades and neutral colours will work wonders for small living rooms. The best ones to go for are green or blue – light shades of course. It’s simple to do this with pillows, rugs, flooring and throws are ideal for this.

Don’t go heavy on the furniture

You can make your living room appear larger if you use simple furniture. You don’t need to go for bright colours, but just make sure that your room is not full of big heavy wooden items.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Everyone knows that mirrors will make the smallest of spaces appear larger, so use there wherever possible. Mirrors are great because they reflect the light – if you’re like me then don’t make the mistake of putting them where they reflect off the tv!

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