Getting rid of bad hair days with these top tips

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So you wake up, eight in the morning, look in the mirror and, ugh, it’s just as you had feared – a bad hair day has struck!

They come around so often for some people – if your hair is dryer than a desert, as difficult to tame as a rabid lion or as frizzy as… something really frizzy, you feel like you’re not just having a bad hair day, but a bad hair century.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 5.38.41 PM

But fear not, ye with hair weirder than Worzel Gummidge – help is at hand. If you need instant results to save the day then the Tangle Teezer is all you need, if you haven’t tried it yet you really need to because it’s a lifesaver!

If you also follow a few of these tips, you’ll be able to be beat back those bad hair days and bring in a lifetime of fruitful follicles to give you sensational style.

Natural shampoo

Many of your common-garden high street shampoos are brimming with nasty chemicals and additives that could do your hair more harm than good in the long run.

That dry, damaged mane you’re trying to tame? Don’t expect it to be helped by your standard shampoos.

Instead, track down a natural shampoo to give your hair a gleaming sheen without chemicals straining your scalp. Although this type of shampoo won’t lather your hair as much as chemical-packed ones, they ultimately give you a cleaner finish and stronger strands.

Home remedies

The first thing that probably occurs to you when you think of “home remedies” is some kind of nonsensical recommendation to cure the common cold, like “put some garlic in your eyes” or “sleep under a mattress of ham”.

Indeed, it’s easy to see home remedies as being about as effective as a mediaeval alchemist using newts to cure the plague.

In reality, home remedies have come up with a number of useful solutions for hair care.

Some have, for example, suggested that you fill a swimming cap with egg whites and wear it on your head for half an hour. While this might sound like absolutely mental advice, it could be the key to instilling some moisture into your hair.

That recommendation is just the tip of the iceberg, so look online for home remedies, and create some of your own to find a solution that works for you.

Healthy exercise and healthier eating

While a lot of people take up exercise and a healthy diet in the hope of losing weight or gaining a bit of muscle, did you know that these factors also relate to the health of your hair?

Regular exercise and a balanced diet with plenty of oily foodstuffs could save your hair from dryness, flakiness and, the bane of anyone’s life, hair loss. This is mainly due to the number of minerals circulating around your body, some of which make their way to your scalp, producing healthier locks and giving you a good reason to stay fit.

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