Broadway Musicals Which You Need to See in 2019


If you are a fan of musicals then you will no doubt understand the importance which Broadway has on the world of both theater and musical theater. Each year the shows on Broadway constantly seek to raise the industry standard and thousands of people from all over the world flock to this famous New York street to witness the very finest offerings in live entertainment. This year we are witnessing a fresh number of musicals which have hit Broadway stages and we have rounded up some of the very best which you can see in 2019.


Beautiful: The Carole King Musical 

Carole King grew up as a humble girl who would go on to become the voice of her generation and this is the stage show which chronicles the amazing singer’s life and success. Her album Tapestry became one of the world’s most famous and highest selling and this show looks at how her career came about, the challenges which she faced and overcame, and of course the inspiration behind some of her most iconic music. Whether you are a fan of Carole King or not you will certainly enjoy this musical performance. You find Beautiful at the Stephen Sondheim Theater.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee’s 1960 novel To Kill a Mockingbird gets the Broadway treatment for this heartfelt and powerful stage show. The show portrays the book perfectly and discusses the key themes of race and prejudice which the book presents, themes which are still very apparent in the modern world. This show will make you think, smile, laugh and cry in equal measure and you can see it at the Shubert Theater.

Hilary and Clinton

This politically charged show is one of the best new Broadway shows 2019 has produced and features a star-studded cast feature John Lithgow and Laurie Metcalf. The show is about an alternative reality where a woman named Hilary Clinton must lean on her husband’s support in order to win votes and push her campaign to become president. The show is brilliantly written and acted superbly and you can catch it at the John Golden theater.


Hamilton is on course to become the most successful stage show of all time and whilst it may not be a new show in 2019, it is still a show which you must catch whilst you can. The original cast featuring writer Lin Manuel Miranda has been largely disbanded but the new actors are doing justice to the show in just the same way. The musical is about Alexander Hamilton and what makes it stand apart is the rap-style lyrics and rhythms of the songs, putting  modern twist on an old story. This show is a masterpiece and one which you must see, catch it at the Richard Rogers theater.

King Lear

Shakespeare’s King Lear gets a musical reboot with the outstanding Glenda Jackson tackling the challenging role of playing one of the king’s daughters. This show is playing at the Cort theater and whether you have watched King Lear before or not, you will love this new version of portraying the fascinating story of betrayal and love.

Which will be first on your list?

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