Awesome Workout Apparel for This Summer


Summer is a great time to hop on an excellent workout routine, to get your body fit and energized! It’s a time of year that you want to be rocking the best body possible, and the sun is out so why not go enjoy the outdoors and get some sweating time in? Your body will thank you as you boost your metabolism and have a great time doing it. Whether you love yoga, running, biking or hiking with friends, you can get some exercise this summer and burn calories without even realizing it. If you need some extra motivation for getting out there to work out, some awesome workout attire from Sweaty Betty can help. It always feels great to look cute while moving your body! Make sure your summer workout wardrobe includes these items:

Workout tops

For summer workouts, you’re probably going to want to go with tank tops over t-shirts. You’ll feel more freedom especially if you’re doing yoga or another sport where you need to move your arms. Find tops in tight, fitted material that will move with you. You can also find breathable materials that will wick sweat away from your body. The last thing you want is damp workout clothes that make your workout go from fun to downright uncomfortable.

Pants and shorts

If you’re a runner or biker, opt for shorts that leave your legs the optimal freedom of movement. Bike shorts made with Spandex are the best choices for bikers, while mesh shorts can leave runners more breathing room. For yoga or Pilates, go for some fitted pants or capris. You can find super cute yoga clothes that will get you amped up to go to your yoga class! And fitted pants will be so comfortable that you’ll probably want to wear them outside of the yoga class too!

Sports bra

For ladies, don’t forget a supportive sports bra for your summer workouts. If you’re running, you’ll want to find something that really keeps you supported so you can even move down a size. A sports bra should feel quite fitted but not constrict your breathing at all. For yoga, you can wear something a bit looser if you feel too constricted in a sports bra but still make sure to wear something to support your chest.