A Girl’s Guide to Leggings


Leggings are back in style, and can be a sexy and versatile addition to your wardrobe. They can complement any body style, but picking the wrong type can be a fashion no-no. Here are some tips to integrate leggings into your personal style.

  1. Make sure to find a pair that fits well; too tight or too loose is not flattering to anybody. Be sure to bring several sizes into the fitting room with you, and test the full range of movement. You should be able to walk, sit and stretch comfortably without much give in the fabric. Too much stretch and you should pick a larger size. Be wary of ‘one size fits all’ leggings as it is just a straight up lie, and will likely lead to disappointment.
  2. Length is a major consideration, and your choice can accent or detract from your legs. The four main lengths are: knee-length, capri-length, ankle-length or stirrup. Capri and knee are generally considered to be spring and summer wear, but your height and body type are really the more important considerations. Petite ladies may wish to avoid knee length, as it can give the impression of being shorter than one actually is. Proportion is the most important consideration, so try on some different lengths and see what one best accentuates your legs.
  3. Pairing the best top for your leggings can make or break your outfit. Voluminous tops create visual distinction between the two halves of your body when your leggings are well fitting. Loose and flowing silhouettes can be achieved with boyfriend-style button down shirts, dresses, tunic tops, and bulky knit sweaters all look great with form fitting leggings. The right top can be used to complete an outfit by contrasting with the color or pattern of the leggings; interesting and unusual patterns are increasingly common so do not be afraid to experiment.
  4. If you’re curvy and worried that leggings will be unflattering, feel free to pick a darker, more slimming color like black or brown (such as these Essential Leggings from rue21.com), as light colors may make your bottom half look heavier. This does not preclude fun patterned leggings, however; if you love them but are feeling self-conscious, pair the leggings with a mini-dress or a tunic that covers your bottom. A pretty, slim belt around your middle will give definition to your curves. Confidence is key, so do what feels right for you and your comfort level!