5 Amazing Types of Engagement Rings

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You’ll probably want to spend a lot of time on picking out your engagement ring; it’s basically the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever buy. It’s for life!

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Here are 5 amazing, classy, and beautiful types of engagement rings that money can buy. Read carefully! You want your choice to reflect you and your marriage – forever!

1. Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire rings have been the leading style of jewelry for royalty going back for centuries, and rightly so. These beautiful rings come in all shapes, colors, and sparkles. If you want more than just a plain diamond, sapphire engagement rings are the way to go.

Note: you can usually find a larger selection of specialty items like sapphire engagement rings from online vendors  – most in-person stores just can’t compete with their selection.

2. Classical/Traditional

You’ve probably seen women walking around wearing engagement rings that look like they’re from a different time period – it’s probably because they are.

Many women have found that family heirlooms and antique wedding rings fit their vintage desires. Modern and contemporary rings are everywhere nowadays, and a great way to stick out is to go classic. Traditional engagement rings are available in most stores as well (though you might have to search around a few stores first!).

3. Fancy/Exotic

Looking for another method to separate yourself from the crowd? Consider going exotic and unique. There’s a huge variety of rings that fit the “unique” category – different shapes, sizes, and even unique colored diamond rings for your engagement.

Most of these “unique” rings don’t even cost that much more – in fact, many are inexpensive compared to other rings because of their unique styles.

4. Big Rock (Quality Optional)

Obviously, you don’t want to have a cheap engagement ring, but you can still go huge and not sacrifice the quality! The bigger the diamond doesn’t have to mean the bigger the price. Perhaps you’d like a huge rock, but you can’t afford to have it an expensive cut – that’s alright. There’s a huge selection of diamond quality that lets you pick your size and still have your diamond appear large and in charge.

5. Cubic Zirconia 

Many women are hesitant about choosing to go with this “fake diamond”. It’s understandable–BUT a good many more women have found that this dazzling look-alike is exactly what they were looking for. You can go huge with a cubic zirconia and not even come close to your original price. Fortunately, many of these diamonds come from cruelty and controversy-free zones, giving you peace of mind as well as going easy on your wallet.

Your ring is your choice – finding the right one is definitely something that you’ll want to think about. Do you want to go colorful sapphire, or classic and traditional? Bigger size, or bigger quality? It’s your ring – it’s your choice!

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